Farm Share…

How the program works:
Think about the stories we’ve heard about the local grocer giving credit. Each day individuals would come in, get things they needed and then at the end of the week they would settle up. What they bought did not matter.

Move to the 21st century and this program is the same but different.
It’s the same in that you spend/choose what you want: if you want 500 heads of broccoli, that’s what you can get if it’s available (we would need to know about large quantities in advance to be able to plant the right amount). With each week you can make an order on-line based on what’s being picked and then pick it up at your local market, or we can, like the old grocer, even deliver (we are working on how this would be done).

How it’s different is that unlike the good old days of credit, we need the revenue to plant the crop. So you would pay in advance and have an account. For more information visit

First option on events at the farm.
Concerts, Spring Planting, Fall Harvest

Service Area:
At this point we have not confirmed the markets we will be at, but we are looking at a 100Km radius. That would cover the East End of Toronto (East and York), the 401 corridor – Ajax, Pickering, Oshawa, etc throughout to Belleville – north to Peterborough and possibly Milton – it’s out of the 100 km area but Mom likes her fresh veg.

Farm Share FAQ

If you are interested please e-mail me, Chris at: with any questions or to sign up and I will send you an info sheet and sign-up form.


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