Went and walked the land again. It just feels right. With no buildings, well or hydro yet, there’s lots to do. It will be a hard year(s) but I’ve never been afraid of hard work. The interesting thing is that as we walked along I could see where the buildings would be, and what would be planted where and I could even imagine the people visiting. I see a place that will become a community and a place that helps feed that community.

So what are the plans for February? Well, the first is to secure the land. Second is to start planning what we will grow and to start taking orders for it.  The Farm Share = Food Share program has been launched and I’m happy to say we all ready have people signing up.  We will be applying to markets and talking to small stores, ordering seed and supplies, looking for a few tons of manure.  It’s all leading to setting up a temporary greenhouse in the first week of March and starting the plants we’ll need for the season.

As well there’s the short and long term planning. Would love to have a Spring launch concert and picnic or something like that, a Fall harvest party and, who knows, even a pumpkin launching contest. Then there are the buildings we will need for food and equipment storage, a little fruit stand out by the road for passers-by and of course a chicken coop – what’s a farm without a couple of chickens, really?

As to this blog I will try to post every couple of weeks and let you know what’s happening and what’s coming up.