This was a bit of a week that ended with our first little Canada Celebration. It was a huge pleasure to have such great people come out and help make our little farm what it should be – a place where all are welcome, filled with laughter and a few nasty bug bites. Boy, the misquotes are big! Thanks to all for bringing stuff along and for your interest in what’s growing.

So what and how are things growing? Well, the weeds are doing OK…but all kidding aside, here are a few of the firsts.

The plumb tomatoes and round tomatoes have been spotted…meaning, they’re up!

Look close to see the first of the flowers on the eggplant

This one was a surprise the – first ground cherry
And close behind, the first tomatillo
The potatoes are flowering…
…and the zucchini are small but on the way
The latest to be planted are starting…here are the fava beans just poking through…

…and finally a try at 2 sisters – a climber bean on the left and a corn stock on the right.

There is much more going on, that’s just a sample. If you’re in the area please stop by, I’m happy to show you around…and if you’re inclined to try your hand at weeding, well there’s lots to do.

I’m off to pick peas for tomorrow’s market, hope everyone enjoyed Canada Day and has a great summer.

Chris Marcucci
Farmer – Sommelier

P.S. the peas are so good I had to get creative: Coming soon a new recipe for Halibut and Peas.