…because the first week of market has shown me that I need to plant more.  On some levels I already knew this. The plan when I started was to produce vegetables for 250 families. When I started planting I didn’t  have a market to sell at and I only had a handful of people in the Farm Share = Food Share program. So I planted 100 head of lettuce and thought it would last 4 weeks. With the program, markets and some loss to bugs, it will last 2.  Now I’m planting 200 head every 2 weeks, and the plan for 2014 is 300/week.  I also planted almost and acre of beans – flat green beans, fava beens and teggia beans (I know these as romano beans).

My first deliveries and markets went OK. Did not have much but it was good to get out and meet people. In Oshawa, Rogers was doing a spot for their morning show so I got to talk to the Mayor and be on TV. (Note: the Downtown Oshawa Farmers’ Market  is closed this week -June 26- but back on July 3 right through to the fall).

I have started to put together recipes – and I will also add a wine paring suggestion –  that go with the veggies that I will be giving out at the markets. I’ll also be putting the recipes up in a section here.

Finally, the Beetle Battle continues and I think I’m losing; did a bug walk and picked 300 plus beetles off of the plants. Now they have moved over to the zucchini because it’s flowering.  I will keep trying. The beetle is only doing what it’s supposed to so I can’t blame it. I might not like it but…beetle

Well it’s back out to the fields, have to start to get ready to open the veggie stand on the farm, there is more to plant and then there are the weeds…

The peas are coming along and won’t be long now.
If you’re driving by, stop in and say hi.

Chris Marcucci
Farmer – Sommelier