It has probably been a good thing that it’s snowed the last couple of days. It has forced me to sit down and get more planning done. I know when the deal closes the last thing I will want to do – and it will be last thing I will have time for – is the planning . The deal closes on the 28th of March. Peas should be in the ground the first week of April and, well, tomatoes should be started in the greenhouse this week. So there is still lots to do between now and then. The seed order is done but there are still a couple of things I would like to get. The order was for about 40,000 seeds so far, so it might be enough but there are a couple of perennials I would like to start for next year and I can’t seem to find a heritage yellow corn.  The history of corn is actually very interesting and an example of how human intervention and experimentation with nature that deeply affect the planet.

So what do the next couple of days hold? There will be some measuring and marking out of the site; finishing the plans for a small greenhouse to get the tomatoes, peppers etc started – these need to be ready to start going in the ground as small plants by the end of May.  Figuring how to effectively heat the green house, this one may be a problem (I am open to suggestions); finish the planting schedule and map; then there is the business side, filling out forms to try to get into markets; working on a website so you can place orders directly; possibly a Facebook and/or google page; working out a picking and delivery schedule (this might be able to wait a bit as the markets will affect the delivery days); looking for restaurants and small grocers that may want seasonal vegetables; oh yeah, also coming up with a name that would be good.  Then to move toward, what I would like the farm to grow into,  working on some events and what I like to call open Sundays, which is about making the farm a community. At this point there are some logistic issues –  a toilet, for one.

I hope to make another post after the deal closes and after the Easter long weekend. Until then have a great week and long weekend.